FIAC and more


The FIAC is the French international fair of contemporary art, which took place from the 19th to the 22nd of October this year. Most of the event happened in the Grand Palais, but it was accompanied by the usual outdoor exhibitions in public venues.

The pictures below feature parts of these installations, like the mildly controversial Domestikator (Atelier Van Lieshout) or The Water Column (Oscar Tuazon).

In the garden of the Tuileries, I picked :
the Misthrown Dice (Gilles Barbier),
Taman Creatures (João Vasco Paiva),
Clavo Cuatro – Ocho (los Carpinteros)
Thru the Stardust, the Heat on the Lawn (Jim Dine)
Onde (Pugnaire et Raffini)
Floating Lenses (Marta Pan)

It was the opportunity for a walk, which is why you will also see the new front of a store on place Vendôme and the so-called canopy of the Halles, a restored shopping center and transportation hub at the heart of Paris.

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