Capoeira by the Seine


It’s amazing how much talent you can discover simply by looking around you, in the streets, particularly in cities like Paris. It is a commonplace to say so, but photography increases your level of awareness… It pushes you to be more outgoing, and with a bit of luck, you’ll find someone willing to play your game.

It’s what happened to me last Thursday. I was definitely privileged to stumble on this capoeira dancer in a park. I could gush with superlatives, but just look at the picture, you should get my point. I still have difficulties doing exactly what I want when trying to capture movement, but this experience was definitely enriching.

Special thanks to Christophe.

Liberté Egalité Fraternité


Traditionally, firemen organize public balls on the eve of Bastille Day, the French national holiday, throughout the country. Soldiers, policemen and other civil servants often join in to celebrate, offering an opportunity for the people to say thank you and to exchange informally.

Doing so with the firemen of Paris, an elite corps, is a privilege. The guys are seriously stunning and the party was really cool.

As for photography, it was a first serious attempt at photography by night. I found out that my camera handles dark conditions rather well. The subject however remains difficult, with changing lights, lack of space to frame and people moving non-stop. Next time, I’ll give up priority to focus, to allow quicker shots.

Architecture ain’t easy


Visited a former industrial site about to be refurbished by a big developer, in Asnieres (Paris metropolitan area), on july 8th. A photo contest was supposedly held but my entries aren’t particularly serious.

How to make the front of the building interesting visually ? Why can’t I fly to look for more interesting angles ? Common tragedies of architectural photography…

I’m realizing I don’t have a decent global pictures of the building to present in here, since I focused a bit fast on details… I will keep that in mind next time.

Flying wheels


I discovered a new visual treat last June : bmx. This sport is a real show, as well as a challenge, both to render speed and to capture figures at the exact, right millisecond. An excellent excercice for an aspiring photographer.

Another major asset includes the usual willingness of performers to have their stunts captured on pictures.

Attended a competition in Paris on July 2nd. The result could have been even better, but the event still provided a few displayable pictures.