Klimt in lights

In April 2018, the Culturespace network created the Atelier des Lumières in Paris. This new digital art center was installed in the building of an old foundry that used to produce cast iron. The inaugural lightshow was themed around Klimt, actually encompassing the Vienna secession more broadly, in particular with pieces from Egon Schiele. These were presented together with original creations.

Architecture ain’t easy

Visited a former industrial site about to be refurbished by a big developer, in Asnieres (Paris metropolitan area), on july 8th. A photo contest was supposedly held but my entries aren’t particularly serious.

How to make the front of the building interesting visually ? Why can’t I fly to look for more interesting angles ? Common tragedies of architectural photography…

I’m realizing I don’t have a decent global pictures of the building to present in here, since I focused a bit fast on details… I will keep that in mind next time.