Not about Daniel Linehan


This year, my visit of the Paris international fair of contemporary art (FIAC) turned out to be a lot about Brussels-based American dancer Daniel Linehan, who was invited for a couple performances.

Astonishing dancer with a score, Daniel Linehan has a very contemporary, intellectual approach to his art. He uses his voice as much as his body, and creates dialogues with current affairs, places or other creations.

His piece Not about everything questions, through an endless spinning, the very purpose and usefulness of dancing, as well as the necessity for it to have any purpose or use at all.

He struggles with the paradox of wanting this performance to be altruistic, selfless, while it obviously puts the focus on him and his physical or intellectual capabilities. By deconstructing this struggle in front of his audience, he highlights the impossibility of pure creation, devoid of message, intention or accomplishment.

You wondered how people would feel watching your performance,  Daniel. As for me, I felt a bit helpless and nonetheless fascinated, as one would be watching the unexplained, senseless and yet necessary movement of celestial bodies.

So here’s some Daniel Linehan, peppered up with bits of outdoors FIAC, including :

  • Le Cercle (Pablo Reinoso, 2018)
  • Sphère de ciel – Ciel de sphères (Vladimir Skoda, 2004-2018)
  • To whom it may concern (Elmgreen & Dragset, 2018).

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