Rencontres d’Arles 2017


First trip to Arles done, for the Rencontres de la Photographie ! Hopefully, it will not be the last. That’s probably another step taken on the long road of art. In case you do not know the festival, feel free to check :

A lot of these exhibitions were enriching, interesting or impressive in many ways. The ones I would personally recommend as must-see are :

Michael Wolf / Life in Cities (chapelle des Frères Prêcheurs)
Exhibition curator: Wim van Sinderen.

Gideon Mendel / Drowning world (Ground control)
Exhibition curator: Mark Sealy.

66 Iranians photographers / Iran : year 38 (église Sainte-Anne)
Exhibition curators: Anahita Ghabaian Etehadieh and Newsha Tavakolian.

Karlheinz Weinberger / Swiss rebels (Magasin électrique)
Exhibition curator: François Cheval.

David Fathi / The last road of the immortal woman (Croisière)
Winner of the 2016 photo folio review.

Alex Majoli / Titanic (Palais de Luppé)
Exhibition curator: Fannie Escoulen / carte blanche Olympus.

The photos below feature :
Michael Wolf / Life in cities (chapelle des Frères Prêcheurs)
Marie Bovo / Stances (église des Trinitaires)
Germaine Richier / le griffu (musée Réattu)
Roger Ballen / House of the Ballenesque (Maison des peintres)
Model of the Luma foundation new building (Grande halle)
Jean Dubuffet / The photographic tool (Atelier des forges)

More about Arles in a later post.

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